Transitional Family Services (TFS) is dedicated to providing quality home,  community, and office based services, empowering each family member, child, and adult to live their most productive life, and to developing family centered support through qualified staff committed to serving families and children. 

Transitional Family Services (TFS) provides specialized, short-term crisis management, as well as psychotherapeutic intervention services in the homes of clients, community, as well as in their facilities.

Utilizing a family centered approach and specially trained staff, TFS works closely with individuals and families to overcome crises and assist in making ongoing changes. We also work to prevent the unnecessary institutionalization or placement of individuals out of the home, and/or support the family reunification.

The family centered approach of TFS requires a shift from the more traditional practices of behavioral health and substance abuse services, which focus on the treatment of individuals alone, towards looking at the entire family system. This includes the multiple and interrelated assets and strengths, as well as liabilities within and between family members, the community, and the environment
in which they live.