Each TFS Georgia location offers some of the same services, as well as offering some specialized services in each regional area.

Primary services offered in each regional office include:

•Medicaid-funded Intensive Family Intervention (IFI)
•Medicaid-funded CORE Services
•Comprehensive Child and Family Assessments
•In-Home Family Therapy and Crisis Intervention Services (Homestead)
•In-Home Parent Aide Services
•Wrap Around Services
•Case Management Services
•In-Home Parenting Classes
••Early/Brief Intervention
•Home Evaluations
•CPS Investigations and Screen-Outs
•Parental Fitness Evaluations
•Drug and Alcohol Assessments
•The Matrix Treatment Program  (Substance Abuse)

Please check each regional location for services that may include:

Anger Management Groups
•Family Violence Groups
•Group Parenting Classes

•Grief Therapy
•Relationship Therapy
•Substance Abuse Treatment
•Divorce and Sexual Abuse Groups
•Depression Therapy & Groups
•Self-Esteem Therapy & Groups
•Anxiety & Stress Therapy & Groups