Transitional Family Services seeks to hire people who want to make a difference in the lives of children, adults,  and families. With our variety of programs we look for people with a wide range of education and experience. It takes many skills to run a high quality, efficient program, and we are always looking for qualified people.

As we are constantly expanding our services, there is a frequent need for office support staff, medical records specialists, and counseling professionals of all levels including Master's level, Associate, and Fully Licensed Therapists, Bachelor's level counselors, and Parent Aides. In some areas there is a need for medical staff including- Psychiatrists and Nurses

Transitional Family Services is committed to maintaining a diverse staff, and we hire bilingual and bicultural employees in every area of the company. We search for people with life experience and a wide range of clinical and business backgrounds and training.

To inquire about employment with Transitional Family Services or one of the partners in our network, contact the office listed in the geographic area where you live.

Employment Application (Download Now)

*** Important Instructions ***

•Please print the application, complete it and fax or email the application along with a cover letter indicating your primary interest of work.
•Please include the counties in which you are willing to work.
•Please make sure you fax or email these documents to the region in which you are interested in working.
•We will contact you when we have a position available.

Atlanta Metro Regional Office
Anthony J. (AJ) Norris, M.Ed.
Ph: (770) 621-0469
Fax: (770) 621-0466
eMail: AJ Norris, M.Ed.

East Georgia Regional Office
Cyndi Taylor, LPC
Phone: (706) 364-1404
Fax: (706) 364-1419
eMail: Cyndi Taylor, LPC 

West Metro Regional Office 
(Water Place and Cartersville Offices)
Anthony J. (AJ) Norris, M.Ed.
Ph: (770) 621-0469
Fax: (770) 621-0466